Gopher-Proofing Your Yard

Even if you don't have gophers in your yard currently, gopher-proofing is a wise idea.  Here's how to keep gophers from damaging your landscaping.

Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are a good way to keep your vegetables, flowers, and other plants safe from gophers.  Build the sides of the box out of wood- don't leave any gaps- and use hardware cloth, secured to the wood, as the bottom.  Make sure to replace any old and rotting garden boxes, as these may no longer be gopher-proof.


If gophers are continuously damaging your lawn, line the area with hardware cloth and replace the grass.  (While you're doing this, consider replacing the lawn with native plants such as meadow grasses.  This is more drought-tolerant than many traditional lawn grasses and often looks better, and this would be the perfect time to do it.) Avoid planting Dymondia grass, a common lawn alternative that grows in a mat.  It's hard to dig through this plant to access the gopher tunnels (like when setting traps or placing repellents) and excessive gopher activity can kill patches of it.  Instead, use a clumping grass like fescue.

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