Douglas Family Preserve

The Douglas Family Preserve, also known as the Wilcox, is a 70-acre outdoor space with views of the ocean.  It is popular for dog walking, biking, paragliding, and observing nature, and is family-friendly.  Eucalyptus and oak trees, as well as some exotic species, provide shade throughout the park.  Climbing trees, side trails, lookout points, and birds are plentiful here.  The land was saved from development in 1996 by the Trust for Public Land and members of the community. 

Points Of Interest

Ocean Overlooks:  The cliff along the edge of the preserve offers several overlooks with views of the ocean.  The trail around the perimeter of the preserve will take you to these.

Varied Habitats: Seasonal grasslands, coastal sage habitat, and shaded woodland areas are among the habitats you will see here.  Off of the main path, there are many side trails which will take you to hidden areas of lush greenery.  As well as native species like oaks, you will see some ornamental plants left over from the land's past as a nursery.  Children (and children at heart) might enjoy some of the climbing trees that can be found in the preserve.

Other Information

The main entrance to the park is near the corner of Medcliff Rd. and Selrose Ln.  Parking is available on the street.  (Do not park in the driveway at the end of Medcliff; it is private property.)  Other entrances are located at the end of Borton Drive, the end of Mesa School Lane, and up the trail from the bridge at Hendry's Beach.