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This interactive tool instantly suggests courses of action for various wildlife conflicts depending on your answers to questions about the situation.  Please remember that the author cannot anticipate all possible situations when writing the content for this tool, so if you don't think the questions or answers quite fit your situation, you may want to contact an expert, such as a wildlife rehabilitator or IPM (integrated pest management) professional, for advice.  You may also add comments at the end of the questionnaire or email them to to help improve the tool or get (non-urgent) clarifications.  

Please be safe and do not approach, capture, or touch wildlife if there is ANY possibility of getting bitten or otherwise harmed.  The author of this website intends this interactive tool to be informational only and not prescriptive, to be used at the risk/responsibility of the user.  The author does not take responsibility for anything that results from following the guidance.

Click on a topic below to use the tool.  Each topic takes you to a Google-Form based questionnaire.  Please be sure to hit "Next" after every section, including sections that show guidance and not questions, to ensure that you see all of the recommendations.  More topics will be added as the author is able to.

Look for this checklist icon on the top right of Problem Solving pages for links to relevant Interactive Wildlife Advisor topics:

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