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La Mesa Park

La Mesa Park may be best known for its children's playground or picnic area, but it is also a great place to observe wildlife, especially for Mesa residents who can easily walk there.  The park is home to owls, hawks, songbirds, squirrels, and at one point even a coyote. Come to the park in the evening for opportunities to experience the sunset, watch the birds go home for the evening, and even catch sight of the pair of great-horned owls that live in the back of the eucalyptus grove.

To see an updated list of the wildlife in this park, go to the La Mesa Park iNaturalist page.

Explore the Park


The eucalyptus grove has been home to great horned owls for over a decade. Stand near the playground around sunset and you may see them fly out of the woods and perch in a nearby sycamore tree.

Access Information

La Mesa Park can be accessed either from Meigs Rd. (the main entrance, with a parking lot) or from Camino de la Luz (the bridge).  If you are planning on staying past sunset to look for owls, don't park in the lot, which gets locked at night.  

This park is operated by the City of Santa Barbara.

News and Updates

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