La Mesa Park

Many people do not recognize the wildlife interest of La Mesa Park.  It's known mostly as a play area for children, a place for dogs to exercise, and a walking location for people who live nearby, but it also is home to wildlife such as owls and hawks.. 

Points Of Interest

Owls and Hawks: Great horned owls are sometimes seen in the wooded area of this park.  If you want to observe one, wait outside the woods as the sun goes down and you may see an owl fly up out of the trees.  Hawks also frequent this park; you can find them perching on eucalyptus branches.

Other Information

A parking lot is located on Meigs, across from Lazy Acres Market.  Mesa residents who want to walk to the park can walk down Camino de la Luz (off of Oliver) and across the bridge at the end of the street.  The park is on the other side of this bridge.

The best time to observe wildlife in this park is dusk.