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The Owls of Arroyo Burro Open Space

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

If you visit the Arroyo Burro Open Space around dusk, you may catch a glimpse of a great-horned owl or two. There are currently a pair of owls spending a lot of time in the park, especially the eucalyptus grove on the Hope Ranch side of the meadow.

How to See the Owls

Plan to arrive at the Arroyo Burro Open Space around sunset, while it's still light out but getting dark. The map to the left shows the eucalyptus grove, where the owls can be found, as a green highlighted area. Trails are marked in grey and the park boundary is marked in red. It may be easiest to access the eucalyptus grove from the leftmost fork of the main trail, although there is also access from the loop trail via an often overgrown side path.

Once you are near or in the grove, listen for an owl. You may be able to follow the sound and see the bird perched on a branch, and then watch as it flies away towards Hope Ranch, Elings Park, or the entrance to the open space. If you're lucky, you may even see two!

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